Since 2005 Debra has been the director of the Learning Center at the San Diego Jewish Academy.  Debra has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Special Education, and a Certificate in Educational Therapy.  She also holds Resource Specialization Teaching Credential from the State of California.  Debra has her Cross-cultural, Language and Academic Development (CLAD) certificate as well.  Debra knows how to over come the struggles of having unique learning challenges. She was diagnosed with Dyslexia in the first grade and utilized resource assistance to guide her through her school career.  Debra can relate to her students on a personal level because she knows first hand how it feels to have a learning disability and how to advocate for her self in order to overcome academic challenges.  


Debra has taught as both a classroom teacher and as a Resource Specialist in the public and private school setting since 1996.  She has taught in special day classrooms with children who had mild to moderate learning disabilities. She has experience being a teacher for students with severe emotional needs. She worked as the lead teacher in a classroom servicing students who were autistic.  Debra’s private Educational Therapy practice has been operational since 2003.  Debra is successful working with a range of students from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs.   Many of the student’s Debra works with gain one if not two grade levels in their reading fluency in only a few months time  .   


Debra G. Cohen M.Ed, CET.
Email: debra@edtherapysd.com
Phone: (858)245- 4510




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