1. Is homework a struggle for your child?
  2. Does your child have a difficult time paying attention?
  3. Is it difficult for your child to retain information?
  4. Is your child struggling with reading or math? 
  5.  Has your child lost their love for learning?

 If you answered yes to any of these questions, Educational Therapy could help your child. 

Educational Therapy combines educational and therapeutic approaches to maximize a child’s learning potential.

An Educational Therapist is trained to use a global learning approach that harnesses a child’s strengths to manage their weaknesses. As therapist we work to help the children learn to be better advocates for themselves.

I strive to maximize a child’s learning potential by providing: consultation, evaluation, remediation, individual coaching, case management, and advocacy. Educational Therapy can help the students discover their unique learning styles and then assist them in applying these skills to attack problem areas.

Individual Educational Therapy
After School Support
In school Support
Learning Center
Parent/Child Consultation

“Our son spent 3 years under the educational therapy of Debra Cohen. He started with her at the age of 7 We started using Debra because our son was absent from school for 2 years due to having Leukemia. When he finally joined his peers, he was behind in many ways due to his chemotherapy treatment and cranial radiation. However, she was able to get him caught up, and taught him much, much more. She is an incredible educational therapist and was always there to push our son along. Our son graduated from lower school and is now in middle school getting A's. We truly are thankful for all her help and time and we miss her dearly.”


Debra G. Cohen M.Ed, CET.
Email: debra@edtherapysd.com
Phone: (858)245- 4510


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