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“Lily began her tutoring with Debra in first grade. Debra gave Lily an initial assessment to discover what her areas of needs were, and then determined the programs that would work for Lily. She struggled in many areas, and Debra used a combination of methods and strategies to help Lily with reading, comprehension, and she also helped her with math. Lily was unable to read when she came to Debra, and through Debra's expertise she taught Lily to read. One very valuable aspect of Debra's program is that goals were set for the year, and then assessments were given to gauge how she was doing, and where she needed to be.  Debra met with Lily for her entire elementary school years, and provided the support and skills to help Lily have success at school. In addition, Debra relates very well with kids, and provides the appropriate encouragement and rewards for the accomplishments the kids make. I am grateful to have had Debra tutor Lily and relied on her as an integral part of our educational team.”  Linda Katzeff


“Our son spent 3  years under the educational therapy of Debra Cohen. He started with her at the age of 7 We started using Debra because our son was absent from school for 2 years due to having Leukemia. When he finally joined his peers, he was behind in many ways due to his chemotherapy treatment and cranial radiation. However, she was able to get him caught up, and taught him much, much more. She is an incredible educational therapist and was always there to push our son along. Our son graduated from lower school and is now in middle school getting As. We truly are thankful for all her help and time and we miss her dearly.”   Susan Mualin


“My daughter, Meredith started working with Debra when she was 6.  She was below grade level in reading.  Shortly after tutoring with Debra, her confidence improved which lead to success with phonemic awareness.  Debra's sessions were with filled with fun strategies and activities to learn the building blocks of reading.  According to her teacher, she is now on grade level and very motivated to learn.”   Name withheld


Debra G. Cohen M.Ed, CET.
Email: debra@edtherapysd.com
Phone: (858)245- 4510




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